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How To Use Double Ended Dildos

By Suzie Harris

Double ended dildoDoubled ended dildos have two usable ends. They are a creative sex toy and one that provides much pleasure for two people. These toys can be used by gay and heterosexual partners and they are a fantastic toy for ladies to use to masturbate. The difference between doubled ended dildos and a normal dildo is that you're able to insert the dildo into the vagina and anus at the same time hence the name doubled ended dildo.

Doubled ended dildos are usually at least 12 inches long, and there are longer ones which are 18 inches long. They need to be quite long so they can reach two people.

There are a variety of ways in which double ended dildos can be used. These include:

For ladies who like double the pleasure.Vagina to Vagina

This is ideal for lesbian lovers who want to be pleasured simultaneously. One of the ways to execute this is for both partners to be facing each other on the bed in a sitting position, and you put one end of the dildo into one of you, and the other end into the other lady. Bearing in mind that even though dildos are long, you have to be sitting very close together in order for the dildo to reach you both.

Rhythm is the next thing. It is up to you whether it works better for both of you to hold onto the toy at the same time or let just one person do the operating. It might be harder than you first expect to get a rhythm happening but practise makes perfect! Have a sense of humor and don't get frustrated if the dong slips out, or if you loose your grip or if you fall to the side.

Another position to try is on your hands and knees facing away from each other, so both bottoms are just about touching. It's up to you which position feels best for you, but these are two positions to begin with and no doubt after some experimentation you'll find other positions to give a go!

When you've cemented the rhythm, doubled ended dildos offer so much pleasure, they are unique and wonderful sex toys for couples. Both partners are able to feel stimulation at the same time, and they are an exciting toy to use.

Anus to Anus

Double ended dildos are perfect for couples who love anal stimulation.This is perfect for couples who love anal stimulation, as you can both feel the exquisite pleasure in your butt at the same time. If you're in a relationship and neither of you has tried anal, but your curious, then using double ended dildos is a good way to see whether its for you. It's always best to put on lube when inserting anything into the rear end, so lube up and then put one end of the dong into one bottom, and the other end into the other person.

On hands and knees with bottoms facing each other is a good way to start. Move forward and back on your knees and as you move back more of the dildo goes into your partners butt and then when you rock forward it changes and more goes into you. One person should always be gripping onto the toy so it doesn't get lost and disappear in one person's butt!

Once again, its important to have a sense of humor and be ready to laugh as no doubt the dildo will slide out at some point. You'll probably loose your grip as well, or even fall forward onto your face! Important too, keep both ends of the toy separate, don't insert your end into your partners without thoroughly washing it first. This is how bacteria is spread, so always remember hygiene.

Anus to Vagina

Rather than using the doubled ended dildo from anus to anus or vagina to vagina, the dildo can be put in a vagina and anus, depending on who is using it. All fours is a good position to start if you'd like to try this way.

Solo use for masturbation

For ladies who like double the pleasure, doubled ended dildos are the perfect sex toy to use. Put one end into your vagina and the other end into your anus and start maneuvering the toy how you like. Always use lube when inserting anything into the anus and remember to keep the ends separate and not to insert the end that has been used in the bottom into the vagina without thoroughly washing it first. Think outside the square with the dildo, stimulate your clitoris with one end while the other end is in either the vagina or anus. The more creative the more fun you'll have the opportunities are endless!

Double ended dildos are fantastic sex toys for couples as they add spice into the bedroom and encourage both partners explore positions and ideas. And one of the main appealing factors is couples can experience pleasure simultaneously!

Suzie Harris writes for The Lazy Stud, the UK 's premier online adult shop selling sex toys for men, women and couples.

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